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Pronunciation:  hang tû'gedhur

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  be connected; "In my heart I can make the world hang together"
 Synonyms: interdepend
 See Also: connect, link, link up, tie



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accord, act in concert, act together, adhere, affiliate, agglomerate, agree, ally, amalgamate, answer to, assent, associate, assort with, band, band together, be consistent, be in league, be of one, be uniform with, bunch, check, chime, clasp, cleave, clinch, cling, cling to, clot, club together, cluster, coact, coagulate, coalesce, cohere, coincide, collaborate, collude, combine, come together, communicate, concert, concord, concur, confederate, conform, conform with, congeal, conglomerate, connect, consist with, consolidate, conspire, converge, cooperate, correspond, do business with, dovetail, embrace, fall in together, federate, fit together, freeze to, fuse, get heads together, get together, go partners, go together, go with, grasp, grow together, hang on, harmonize, hit, hold, hold on, hold together, hook up, hug, intercommunicate, interlock, intersect, jibe, join, join in, join together, keep together, knit, league, league together, lock, make common cause, mass, match, meet, merge, overlap, parallel, partner, persist, play ball, pull together, put heads together, reciprocate, register, register with, respond to, set, sing in chorus, solidify, sort with, square, square with, stand together, stay, stay put, stick, stick together, take hold of, tally, team up, throw in together, tie in, tie up, unite, unite efforts, work together