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Meaning of HANG OUT

Pronunciation:  hangawt

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  rub elbows with; "He hobnobs with the best of society"
 Synonyms: hobnob
 See Also: socialise, socialize



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abide, affect, aller sans dire, be conspicuous, be exposed, be found, be manifest, be no secret, beetle, berth, betray itself, bide, bunk, cohabit, come across, come along, come out, come to hand, come to light, crop out, dig, discover itself, domicile, domiciliate, doss down, dwell, frequent, glare, go without saying, hang around, hang out at, hang over, haunt, have high visibility, impend, impend over, inhabit, jut, live, lodge, materialize, need no explanation, nest, occupy, overhang, perch, project, project over, remain, reside, resort, resort to, room, roost, sauter aux yeux, shout, show up, speak for itself, squat, stand out, stay, stick out, strike the eye, tenant, thrust over, turn up