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Meaning of HANG BACK

Pronunciation:  hang bak

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  to lag or linger behind; "But in so many other areas we still are dragging."
 Synonyms: drag, drop behind, get behind, trail
 See Also: dawdle, fall back, fall behind, lag



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: avoid, back down, balance, be dilatory, blench, blink, boggle, cringe, dawdle, debate, deliberate, demur, dodge, drag, draw back, duck, evade, fade, fall back, fall behind, falter, fear, fight shy of, filibuster, flinch, gain time, get behind, hang, hang fire, hang off, have qualms, hem and haw, hesitate, hold off, hover, hum and haw, jib, lag, linger, linger behind, loiter, make bones about, make time, pause, play for time, ponder, procrastinate, pull back, quail, recoil, reel back, retreat, scruple, sheer off, shilly-shally, shrink, shrink back, shy, shy at, sidestep, stall, stall for time, stall off, start aside, start back, stick at, stickle, stooge around, stop to consider, straddle the fence, straggle, strain, strain at, swerve, talk against time, temporize, think twice about, trail, trail behind, turn aside, waver, weasel, weasel out, wince, withdraw, yield