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Meaning of GIVE BIRTH

Pronunciation:  giv burth

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  give birth (to a newborn); "My wife had twins yesterday!"
  2. [v]  create or produce an ide; a"Marx and Engels gave birth to communism"
 Synonyms: bear, birth, deliver, have
 See Also: bring forth, conceive, create by mental act, create mentally, drop, foal, kitten, lamb, litter, produce, twin



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: animate, be confined, bear, bear a child, bear young, breathe life into, bring into being, bring into existence, bring to life, call into being, call into existence, calve, cast, conceive, drop, endow with life, energize, farrow, fawn, foal, give life to, have, have a baby, have young, inspirit, kitten, labor, lamb, lie in, litter, pup, quicken, throw, travail, vitalize, vivify, whelp, yean