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Meaning of GET OVER

Pronunciation:  get 'owvur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  improve in health; "He got well fast"
  2. [v]  get on top of; deal with successfully; "He overcame his shyness"
  3. [v]  to bring (a necessary but unpleasant task) to an end; "Let's get this job over with"; "It's a question of getting over an unpleasant task"
  4. [v]  travel across or pass over; "The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day"
 Synonyms: bounce back, cover, cross, cut across, cut through, get across, get well, master, overcome, pass over, subdue, surmount, track, traverse
 Antonyms: get worse, relapse
 See Also: accomplish, ameliorate, better, bridge, bulldog, carry out, carry through, crisscross, defeat, drive, execute, ford, fulfil, fulfill, go across, go through, hop, improve, jaywalk, meliorate, pass, stride, take, tramp, walk



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: advance, ascend, back, back up, be glimpsed, bounce back, broadcast, budge, change, change place, circle, clarify, climb, come around, come back, come round, come through, come to, come up smiling, communicate, convey, dawn on, descend, disseminate, ebb, elucidate, explain, explicate, flow, get about, get across, get well, give, give word, go, go around, go round, go sideways, gyrate, hand on, impart, leave word, make a comeback, make clear, make it clear, make known, mount, move, move over, pass, pass along, pass on, penetrate, plunge, popularize, progress, pull round, pull through, put across, put over, rally, recover, register, regress, render, report, retrogress, revive, rise, rotate, run, send, send word, share, share with, shift, signal, simplify, sink, sink in, soak in, soar, spell out, spin, stir, stream, subside, survive, tell, transfer, transmit, travel, vulgarize, wane, weather the storm, whirl