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Meaning of DEEP SIX

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  throw from a boat
  2. [v]  toss out; get rid of; "deep-six these old souvenirs!"
 Synonyms: give it the deep six, throw overboard
 See Also: cast aside, cast away, cast out, chuck out, discard, dispose, fling, put away, throw, throw away, throw out, toss, toss away, toss out



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abandon, barrow, beehive tomb, bone house, box grave, burial, burial at sea, burial chamber, burial mound, burying, cast, cast aside, cast away, cast off, castaway, castoff, catacombs, cenotaph, charnel house, chuck, cist, cist grave, cortege, cromlech, crypt, dead march, dice, dirge, discard, discarding, disposal, dispose of, ditch, dokhma, dolmen, dump, dumping, eighty-six, eliminate, elimination, funeral, funeral procession, get quit of, get rid of, get shut of, give away, grave, house of death, jettison, jilt, junk, junking, last home, last post, long home, low green tent, low house, mastaba, mausoleum, monstrance, muffled drum, mummy chamber, narrow house, ossuarium, ossuary, part with, passage grave, pit, pyramid, refuse, reject, rejectamenta, rejection, reliquary, removal, remove, resting place, scrap, scrapping, sepulcher, shaft grave, shrine, slough, stupa, taps, throw away, throw out, throw over, throw overboard, throwaway, tomb, tope, toss overboard, tower of silence, tumulus, vault