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Meaning of CUMULUS

Pronunciation:  'kyoomyulus

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a collection of objects laid on top of each other
  2. [n]  a globular cloud

CUMULUS is a 7 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: cumulus cloud, heap, mound, pile
 See Also: accumulation, aggregation, altocumulus, altocumulus cloud, assemblage, cloud, collection, compost heap, compost pile, dunghill, funeral pyre, midden, muckheap, muckhill, pyre, scrapheap, shock, slagheap, stack, stockpile, woodpile



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cu"mu*lus\ (k?"m?-l?s), n.; pl. {Cumuli} (-l?). [L., a
heap. See {Cumber}.] (Meteor.)
One of the four principal forms of clouds. See{Cloud}.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alto-cumulus, alto-stratus, anvil cloud, banner cloud, billowy cloud, cap cloud, cirro-cumulus, cirro-fillum, cirro-nebula, cirro-stratus, cirro-velum, cirrus, cirrus cloud, cirrus haze, cirrus stripe, cloud, cloud band, cloud bank, cloud drift, cloud mass, cloud street, Cloudcuckooland, cloudland, cloudling, cloudscape, cocktail, cottony cloud, cumulo-cirro-stratus, cumulo-cirrus, cumulo-nimbus, cumulo-stratus, cumulus cloud, curl cloud, fleecy cloud, fractocumulus, high fog, mackerel sky, mammatocumulus, mushroom cloud, nimbus, nimbus cloud, rain cloud, scud, snail cloud, squall cloud, storm cloud, strato-cumulus, stratus, stratus cloud, thundercloud, thunderhead, water carrier, woolpack