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Meaning of CRUMBLING

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ablation, abrasion, atomization, attrition, beating, breakup, brecciation, coming apart, comminution, corrosion, cracking, crushing, decadent, decay, declining, decomposition, decrepit, degenerate, degradation, deteriorating, detrition, dilapidated, dilapidation, disintegrating, disintegration, disjunction, disorganization, dissolution, draining, drooping, dusty, dwindling, ebbing, effete, erosion, fading, failing, falling, flagging, fragmentation, fragmenting, fusty, going to pieces, gone to seed, granulation, granulization, grating, grinding, incoherence, infirm, languishing, levigation, marcescent, mashing, mildewed, moldering, moldy, moss-grown, moth-eaten, musty, pining, poor, poorish, pounding, powdering, ravages of time, regressive, resolution, retrograde, retrogressive, rotten, rotten at, ruined, ruinous, rusty, shredding, shriveling, sinking, sliding, slipping, slumping, smashing, stale, subsiding, tabetic, time-scarred, timeworn, trituration, unfirm, unsolid, unsound, unstable, unsturdy, unsubstantial, waning, wasting, wear, wear and tear, wilting, withering, worn, worsening