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Pronunciation:  ku'nekshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of bringing two things into contact; "the joining of hands around the table"
  2. [n]  shifting from one form of transportation to another; "the plane was late and he missed his connection in Atlanta"
  3. [n]  an instrumentality that connects; "he soldered the connection"; "he didn't have the right connector between the amplifier and the speakers"
  4. [n]  the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination; "conditioning is a form of learning by association"
  5. [n]  a supplier (especially of narcotics)
  6. [n]  (usually plural) a person who is influential and to whom you are connected in some way (as by family or friendship); "he has powerful connections"
  7. [n]  a relation between things or events (as in the case of one causing the other or sharing features with it); "there was a connection between eating that pickle and having that nightmare"
  8. [n]  a connecting shape
  9. [n]  the state of being connected; "the connection between church and state is inescapable"

CONNECTION is a 10 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: association, connectedness, connectedness, connecter, connective, connector, connexion, connexion, connexion, connexion, connexion, joining, link, link
 Antonyms: disconnectedness, disconnection, disjunction, disjuncture, unconnectedness
 See Also: acquaintance, adjunction, alliance, approximation, articulation, articulation, attachment, attachment, bond, bond, bridge, bringing close together, change of integrity, coherence, coherency, cohesion, cohesiveness, colligation, coming upon, communication, concatenation, concatenation, concatenation, conjunction, contact, convergence, convergency, converging, conveyance, coupling, earth, encounter, fastening, form, friend, ground, hitch, hookup, instrumentality, instrumentation, interconnectedness, interconnection, interconnection, intersection, involvement, join, joint, jumper, junction, junction, junction, juncture, lifeline, line, linkage, memory, node, patch, phone line, provider, relatedness, relation, relevance, relevancy, remembering, series, shape, slip ring, supplier, telephone line, temporary hookup, transfer, transferral, transportation, unification, union, yoke



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Con*nec"tion\, n. [Cf. {Connexion}.]
1. The act of connecting, or the state of being connected;
   junction; union; alliance; relationship.

         He [Algazel] denied the possibility of a known
         connection between cause and effect.  --Whewell.

         The eternal and inserable connection between virtue
         and hapiness.                         --Atterbury.

2. That which connects or joins together; bond; tie.

         Any sort of connection which is perceived or
         imagined between two or more things.  --I. Taylor.

3. A relation; esp. a person connected with another by
   marriage rather than by blood; -- used in a loose and
   indefinite, and sometimes a comprehensive, sense.

4. The persons or things that are connected; as, a business
   connection; the Methodist connection.

         Men elevated by powerful connection.  --Motley.

         At the head of a strong parliamentary connection.

         Whose names, forces, connections, and characters
         were perfectly known to him.          --Macaulay.

{In this connection}, in connection with this subject.

Note: [A phrase objected to by some writers.]

Note: This word was formerly written, as by Milton, with x
      instead of t in the termination, connexion, and the
      same thing is true of the kindred words inflexion,
      reflexion, and the like. But the general usage at
      present is to spell them connection, inflection,
      reflection, etc.

Syn: Union; coherence; continuity; junction; association;
     dependence; intercourse; commerce; communication;
     affinity; relationship.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abutment, abuttal, access, accord, accounting for, acquaintance, act of love, addition, adjacency, adjoiningness, adjunct, adultery, affairs, affiliation, affinity, agent, agglomeration, agglutination, aggregation, agnation, aisle, alley, alliance, ally, ambulatory, ancestry, ankle, answer, answerability, aperture, aphrodisia, applicability, application, appointment, appositeness, apposition, appropriateness, approximation, appulse, arbitrator, arcade, array, arrogation, artery, articulation, ascription, ass, assemblage, assignation, assignment, association, attachment, attribution, avenue, balling, bank, bearing, berth, billet, blame, blood, blood relationship, bond, boundary, bracketing, broker, brotherhood, brothership, butt, buzz, carnal knowledge, catena, catenation, cervix, chain, chain reaction, chaining, channel, charge, church, climax, clinch, cloister, closeness, closure, clustering, cognation, cohabitation, coherence, coition, coitus, coitus interruptus, colonnade, combination, commerce, common ancestry, common descent, communication, communion, concatenation, concern, concernment, concourse, concurrence, conduit, confluence, congeries, conglomeration, congress, conjugation, conjunction, connectedness, connecting, connecting link, connecting rod, connection with, connections, consanguinity, consecution, consecutiveness, consistency, contact, conterminousness, contiguity, continuity, continuum, contrariety, convergence, conversation, converse, copula, copulation, correlation, correspondence, corridor, coterminousness, coupling, course, cousinhood, cousinship, covered way, credit, creed, cult, cycle, dealing, dealings, deduction, defile, denomination, deputy, derivation from, descent, diddling, disjunction, distributor, dovetail, drag, drone, elbow, embrace, enation, endless belt, endless round, ESP, etiology, exchange, exit, faith, family, family connection, fatherhood, ferry, file, filiation, ford, fornication, fraternity, friend at court, front, front man, gallery, gamut, gathering, germaneness, gliding joint, go-between, gradation, hinge, hinged joint, hip, homology, honor, hookup, hum, imputation, Indian file, influence, information, inlet, interaction, interagent, interceder, intercessor, interchange, intercommunication, intercommunion, intercourse, interest, interface, interlinking, intermediary, intermediate, intermediate agent, intermediator, intermedium, internuncio, interplay, interpleader, interrelationship, intersection, intervener, interventor, intimacy, job, jobber, join, joinder, joining, joint, jointure, junction, juncture, juxtaposition, kin, kindred, kinship, kith and kin, knee, knotting, knuckle, lane, liaison, line, lineage, linguistic intercourse, link, linkage, linking, lovemaking, making it with, marital affinity, marital relations, marriage, marriage act, marriage connection, marriage relationship, materiality, maternity, mating, matrilineage, matriliny, matrisib, matrocliny, meat, mediary, mediator, medium, meeting, merger, merging, message, middleman, miter, monotone, mortise, motherhood, mouthpiece, mutual attraction, nearness, neck, negotiant, negotiator, negotiatress, negotiatrix, nexus, office, ombudsman, onanism, opening, orderliness, orgasm, outlet, overpass, ovum, pairing, palaetiology, pareunia, partnership, pass, passage, passageway, paternity, patrilineage, patriliny, patrisib, patrocliny, pendulum, perigee, perihelion, periodicity, persuasion, pertinence, pivot, pivot joint, place, placement, plenum, portico, position, post, powder train, procreation, progression, propinquity, proximity, pull, queue, rabbet, railroad tunnel, range, rank, rapport, recurrence, reference, reference to, regard, relatedness, relation, relations, relationship, relatives, relevance, reply, respect, response, responsibility, reticulation, rotation, round, routine, row, run, saddling, scale, scarf, screwing, seam, sect, sequence, series, sex, sex act, sexual climax, sexual commerce, sexual congress, sexual intercourse, sexual relations, sexual union, shoulder, sibship, similarity, single file, sisterhood, sistership, situation, sleeping with, social intercourse, speaking, spectrum, speech, speech circuit, speech situation, sperm, splice, spokesman, spokeswoman, spot, stitch, string, succession, suture, swath, symbiosis, sympathy, symphysis, syzygy, talking, telepathy, thread, tie, tie rod, tie-in, tier, ties of blood, tie-up, togetherness, toggle, toggle joint, touch, traffic, train, traject, trajet, truck, tunnel, two-way communication, underpass, unification, union, uniting, venery, weld, wholesaler, windrow, wrist, yoking