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Meaning of COME OFF

Pronunciation:  kum of

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  happen in a particular manner; "how did your talk go over?"
  2. [v]  break off; of a piece from a whole; "Her tooth chipped"
  3. [v]  come to be detached; "His retina detached and he had to be rushed into surgery"
 Synonyms: break away, break off, chip, chip off, come away, detach, go off, go over
 Antonyms: attach
 See Also: blow off, chop off, come about, cut off, divide, exfoliate, fall off, flake, flake off, go on, hap, happen, lop off, occur, part, pass, pass off, peel, peel off, separate, take place, unsolder



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abjure, be blooded, be found, be met with, be realized, be successful, befall, betide, break, carry away, catch on, chance, click, come, come about, come apart, come down, come to pass, come true, come undone, come unstuck, connect, crack up, cut out, desist, develop, discontinue, disintegrate, disuse, drop, eventuate, fall, fall off, fall out, fall to pieces, farewell, fly apart, get loose, give over, give up, give way, go, go great guns, go off, go over, go over big, go to pieces, go to town, graduate, hap, happen, have done with, leave off, let go, make a hit, meet with success, nol-pros, not pursue with, occur, pan out, pass, pass off, peel off, prevail, prosper, prove out, put behind one, qualify, quit, relinquish, renounce, resign, spring apart, start, stop, succeed, take, take place, transpire, unravel, waive, work well, work wonders