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Meaning of CLIMB

Pronunciation:  klIm

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of climbing something
  2. [n]  an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.)
  3. [n]  an upward slope or grade (as in a road); "the car couldn't make the grade"
  4. [v]  increase in value or to a higher point; "prices climbed steeply"; "the value of our house rose sharply last year"
  5. [v]  improve one's social status; "This young man knows how to climb the social ladder"
  6. [v]  go up or advance; "Sales were climbing after prices were lowered"
  7. [v]  go upward with gradual or continuous progress; "Did you ever climb up the hill behind your house?"
  8. [v]  move with difficulty, by grasping
  9. [v]  slope upward; "The path climbed all the way to the top of the hill"

CLIMB is a 5 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: acclivity, ascent, climb up, climbing, go up, go up, mount, mount, mount, mounting, raise, rise, rise, upgrade, wax
 Antonyms: declension, declination, decline, declivity, descent, downslope, fall, wane
 See Also: advance, alight, arise, ascending, ascension, ascension, ascent, ascent, bestride, bull, clamber, clamber, climb down, climb on, come along, come on, come up, escalade, gain, get along, get on, get on, grow, hop on, incline, incline, increase, jump, jump on, lift, mount up, mountain climbing, mountaineer, mountaineering, move, move up, pitch, progress, ramp, ride, rise, rise, rise, rising, rock climbing, scale, scaling, scramble, shape up, shin, shinny, side, skin, slope, slope, soar, sputter, struggle, uphill, uprise



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Climb\ (kl[imac]m), v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Climbed}
    (kl[imac]md), Obs. or Vulgar {Clomb} (kl[o^]m); p. pr. & vb.
    n. {Climbing}.] [AS. climban; akin to OHG. chlimban, G. & D.
    klimmen, Icel. kl[=i]fa, and E. cleave to adhere.]
    1. To ascend or mount laboriously, esp. by use of the hands
       and feet.
    2. To ascend as if with effort; to rise to a higher point.
             Black vapors climb aloft, and cloud the day.
    3. (Bot.) To ascend or creep upward by twining about a
       support, or by attaching itself by tendrils, rootlets,
       etc., to a support or upright surface.
  2. \Climb\, v. t.
    To ascend, as by means of the hands and feet, or laboriously
    or slowly; to mount.
  3. \Climb\, n.
    The act of one who climbs; ascent by climbing. --Warburton.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are climbing up something (ladder, rope, etc.) means that you are trying to or you have overcome a great struggle. It also suggests that your goals are finally within reach. Climbing also means that you have risen to a level of prominence within the social or economic sphere. Dreaming that you are climbing down a cliff, indicates that you need to acknowledge and take notice of your unconscious. You are expressing some hesitance and reservation with delving into your more negative feelings. Alternatively, it suggests that you may be feeling low or emotionally drained.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abandon, abruptness, acclivity, advance, anabasis, arise, ascend, ascension, ascent, back, back up, bank, budge, cant, careen, chandelle, change, change place, circle, clamber, clamber up, climb down, climb over, climb up, climbing, crawl, creep, decline, descend, descent, dip, drop, ebb, edge, elevation, escalade, escalate, fall, fall away, fall off, flow, fountain, gain altitude, get over, give up, go, go around, go down, go downhill, go round, go sideways, go up, go uphill, grade, grow, gush, gyrate, gyring up, hoick, inch, incline, increase, jet, jump, keel, lean, leap, levitation, list, mount, mounting, move, move over, pitch, plunge, precipitousness, progress, rake, ramp, regress, renounce, retreat, retrogress, rise, rising, rising ground, rocketing up, rotate, route, run, saltation, scale, scale the heights, scrabble up, scramble up, shelve, shift, shin, shin up, shinny, shooting up, sidle, sink, slant, slope, soar, soaring, spin, spout, spring, spurt, steepness, stir, stream, struggle up, subside, surge, surmount, swag, sway, takeoff, taking off, tilt, tip, trail, travel, twine, upclimb, upcoming, updraft, upgang, upgo, upgoing, upgrade, upgrowth, uphill, upleap, uplift, upping, uprisal, uprise, uprising, uprush, upshoot, upslope, upsurge, upsurgence, upsweep, upswing, vault, verticalness, wane, whirl, withdraw from, zoom, zooming