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Meaning of CAUSTIC

Pronunciation:  'kostik

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  any chemical substance that burns or destroys living tissue
  2. [adj]  of a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action
  3. [adj]  harsh or corrosive in tone; "an acerbic tone piercing otherwise flowery prose"; "a barrage of acid comments"; "her acrid remarks make her many enemies"; "bitter words"; "blistering criticism"; "caustic jokes about political assassination, talk-show hosts and medical ethics"; "a sulfurous denunciation"

CAUSTIC is a 7 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: acerb, acerbic, acid, acrid, bitter, blistering, corrosive, destructive, erosive, sulfurous, sulphurous, unpleasant, venomous, virulent, vitriolic
 See Also: chemical compound, compound, lye, silver nitrate



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Caus"tic\, Caustical \Caus"tic*al\, a. [L. caustucs,
    Ge. ?, fr. ? to burn. Cf. {Calm}, {Ink}.]
    1. Capable of destroying the texture of anything or eating
       away its substance by chemical action; burning; corrosive;
    2. Severe; satirical; sharp; as, a caustic remark.
    {Caustic curve} (Optics), a curve to which the ray of light,
       reflected or refracted by another curve, are tangents, the
       reflecting or refracting curve and the luminous point
       being in one plane.
    {Caustic lime}. See under {Lime}.
    {Caustic potash}, {Caustic soda} (Chem.), the solid
       hydroxides potash, {KOH}, and soda, {NaOH}, or solutions
       of the same.
    {Caustic silver}, nitrate of silver, lunar caustic.
    {Caustic surface} (Optics), a surface to which rays reflected
       or refracted by another surface are tangents. Caustic
       curves and surfaces are called catacaustic when formed by
       reflection, and diacaustic when formed by refraction.
    Syn: Stinging; cutting; pungent; searching.
  2. \Cau"stic\, n. [L. causticum (sc. medicamentum). See
    {Caustic}, a.]
    1. Any substance or means which, applied to animal or other
       organic tissue, burns, corrodes, or destroys it by
       chemical action; an escharotic.
    2. (Optics) A caustic curve or caustic surface.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acerb, acerbate, acerbic, acid, acidic, acidulent, acidulous, acrid, acrimonious, actual cautery, acute, amaroidal, angry, antagonistic, antipathetic, arc, asperous, astringent, belligerent, biting, bitter, bitter as gall, bow, brand, brand iron, branding iron, brisk, burning, catacaustic, catenary, cauter, cauterant, cauterizer, cautery, choleric, circle, clashing, coarse, colliding, conchoid, conflicting, corroding, corrosive, crisp, critical, crook, curl, curve, cutting, cynical, despiteful, destructive, diacaustic, discontented, double-edged, dry, edged, electrocautery, ellipse, embittered, escharotic, feeling evil, festoon, fierce, full of hate, hard, harsh, hateful, hook, hostile, hot iron, hyperbola, incisive, ironic, irritating, keen, lituus, lunar caustic, malevolent, malicious, malignant, mordacious, mordant, moxa, nose-tickling, out of humor, out of sorts, out of temper, parabola, penetrating, piercing, piquant, pithy, poignant, potential cautery, pungent, quarrelsome, Rabelaisian, radium, rancorous, rankled, repugnant, resentful, resenting, rigorous, rough, salty, sarcastic, sardonic, satiric, scathing, scorching, set against, severe, sharp, sinus, sore, sour, spiteful, splenetic, stabbing, stewing, stinging, strident, stringent, succinct, tart, terse, tracery, trenchant, vehement, venomous, violent, virulent, vitriolic, withering