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Meaning of BULLETIN

Pronunciation:  'bûlitn

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a brief report especially an official statement issued for immediate publication or broadcast
  2. [v]  make public by bulletin

BULLETIN is a 8 letter word that starts with B.


 See Also: account, air, bare, flash, information bulletin, news bulletin, news report, newsflash, publicise, publicize, report, story, write up



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Bul"le*tin\, n. [F. bulletin, fr. It. bullettino, dim.
of bulletta, dim. of bulla, bolla, an edict of the pope, from
L. bulla bubble. See {Bull} an edict.]
1. A brief statement of facts respecting some passing event,
   as military operations or the health of some distinguished
   personage, issued by authority for the information of the

2. Any public notice or announcement, especially of news
   recently received.

3. A periodical publication, especially one containing the
   proceeding of a society.

{Bulletin board}, a board on which announcements are put,
   particularly at newsrooms, newspaper offices, etc.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: account, account rendered, accounting, acquaintance, acta, announcement, annual, blue book, brief, briefing, census report, communication, communique, data, datum, directory, dispatch, election returns, enlightenment, evidence, facts, factual information, familiarization, flash, gen, general information, guidebook, handout, hard information, incidental information, info, information, instruction, intelligence, knowledge, light, mention, message, minutes, news item, news report, notice, notification, presentation, press release, proceedings, promotional material, proof, publication, publicity, release, report, returns, sidelight, statement, tally, the dope, the goods, the know, the record, the scoop, transactions, transmission, white book, white paper, word, yearbook