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Meaning of BREAK AWAY

Pronunciation:  breyk u'wey

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  break off; of a piece from a whole; "Her tooth chipped"
  2. [v]  move away or escape suddenly; "The horses broke from the stable"; "Three inmates broke jail"
  3. [v]  escape or flee; take to one's heels; cut and run; "If you see this man, run!"
  4. [v]  withdraw from an organization or communion
  5. [v]  interrupt a continued activity; "She had broken with the traditional patterns"
 Synonyms: break, break off, break out, bunk, chip, chip off, come off, lam, run, run away, scarper, secede, splinter, turn tail
 See Also: break, break loose, break up, divide, escape, exfoliate, flake, flake off, get away, go away, go forth, leave, part, part, peel, peel off, separate, separate, skedaddle, split, split up



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: apostacize, apostatize, bail out, betray, bolt, break jail, break loose, change sides, cut loose, defect, desert, escape, escape prison, evade, fall away, fall off, flee, fly the coop, get away, get clear of, get free, get out, get out of, go over, jump, let down, make a getaway, pull out, rat, run out on, secede, sell out, skip, slip the collar, switch, switch over, turn cloak