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Meaning of BOX OFFICE

Pronunciation:  bâks 'ofis

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the office where tickets of admission are sold
  2. [n]  total admission receipts for an entertainment
 Synonyms: ticket booth, ticket office
 See Also: business office, gross, house, office, receipts, revenue, theater, theatre



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: attendance, avails, booking office, branch, branch office, cabinet, chambers, chancellery, chancery, closet, commissions, consulate, corporate headquarters, credit, credits, den, disposable income, dividend, dividends, draw, earned income, earnings, embassy, executive office, frequence, frequenting, gains, gate, gate receipts, get, gross, gross income, gross receipts, headquarters, home office, income, intake, legation, main office, make, net, net income, net receipts, number present, office, output, proceeds, produce, profits, receipt, receipts, receivables, returns, revenue, royalties, shop, study, take, take-in, takings, ticket office, turnout, unearned income, yield