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Meaning of BODY PART

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  any part of an
 See Also: abdomen, adnexa, ambulacrum, ampulla, anatomical structure, annexa, apparatus, appendage, area, arse, articulatio, articulation, ass, back, backside, behind, being, belly, bodily structure, body, body structure, bottom, breast, bum, buns, butt, buttock, buttocks, can, cannon, cheek, chest, complex body part, corpus, croup, croupe, derriere, dilator, dock, dorsum, energid, external body part, fanny, feature, flank, fundament, gaskin, groove, haunch, hind end, hindquarters, hip, horseback, joint, keister, lineament, lobe, loin, loins, lumbus, mentum, nates, organ, organism, outgrowth, part, pectus, piece, posterior, prat, process, protoplast, rear, rear end, rectum, region, rudiment, rump, saddle, seat, septum, shank, shin, shoulder, small, stern, stomach, structure, stump, system, tail, tail end, thorax, tissue, toe, tooshie, torso, trunk, tush, underpart, vallecula, venter, withers