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Meaning of BEAR UP

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  endure cheerfully; "She bore up under the enormous strain"
 See Also: abide, bear, brook, endure, put up, stand, stomach, suffer, support, tolerate



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accost, advance, afford support, approach, appropinquate, approximate, assure, back, back up, be proof against, bear, bear down on, bear down upon, bear out, bear the brunt, bear up against, bear up under, bolster, bolster up, brace, buoy, buoy up, buttress, carry, cheer, close, close in, close with, come, come closer, come forward, come near, come on, come up, come up fighting, comfort, condole with, confront, console, cradle, crutch, cushion, defy, draw near, draw nigh, ease, encounter, encourage, endure, finance, float, float high, fund, gain upon, give comfort, give support, hang in, hang in there, hang on, hang tough, hearten, hold, hold fast, hold on, hold out, hold up, keep, keep afloat, keep up, lend support, live through it, live with it, mainstay, maintain, narrow the gap, near, never say die, not flag, not give up, not weaken, pillow, prop, prop up, proximate, put at ease, reassure, rebuff, reinforce, relieve, repel, repulse, resist, ride high, see it out, set at ease, shore, shore up, shoulder, sidle up to, solace, stand, stand the gaff, stand up, stay, stay it out, stay the distance, stay with it, step up, stick, stick it, stick it out, stick out, stick to it, stick with it, subsidize, subvention, subventionize, support, sustain, sweat it out, sympathize with, take it, take what comes, tough it out, underbrace, undergird, underlie, underpin, underset, upbear, uphold, upkeep, uplift, upraise, waft, withstand