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Pronunciation:  'anumul 'kingdum

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
 Synonyms: Animalia, kingdom Animalia
 See Also: Acanthocephala, animal, animal order, animate being, Annelida, arthropod family, arthropod genus, Arthropoda, Aschelminthes, beast, Brachiopoda, brute, Bryozoa, Chaetognatha, Chordata, coelenterate family, coelenterate genus, creature, Ctenophora, ctenophore family, ctenophore genus, Cycliophora, echinoderm family, echinoderm genus, Echinodermata, fauna, kingdom, Metazoa, Mollusca, mollusk family, mollusk genus, Nematoda, Nemertea, Nemertina, Parazoa, Phoronida, Phoronidea, phylum Acanthocephala, phylum Annelida, phylum Arthropoda, phylum Aschelminthes, phylum Brachiopoda, phylum Bryozoa, phylum Chaetognatha, phylum Chordata, phylum Ctenophora, phylum Cycliophora, phylum Echinodermata, phylum Mollusca, phylum Nematoda, phylum Nemertea, phylum Nemertina, phylum Phoronida, phylum Platyhelminthes, phylum Pogonophora, phylum Rotifera, phylum Sipuncula, Platyhelminthes, Pogonophora, polyzoa, Rotifera, Sipuncula, subkingdom Metazoa, subkingdom Parazoa, worm family, worm genus



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: and fish, animal life, Animalia, animality, beasts, beasts of field, beasts of prey, big game, birds, blood, breed, brood, brute creation, cattle, chain of being, clan, class, class structure, deme, domain, domestic animals, establishment, family, fauna, folk, furry creatures, game, gens, hierarchy, house, kind, kingdom, line, lineage, livestock, matriclan, mineral kingdom, nation, natural hierarchy, order, patriclan, pecking order, people, phratry, phyle, plant kingdom, power structure, pyramid, race, realm, sept, small game, species, stem, stirps, stock, strain, totem, tribe, vegetable kingdom, wild animals, wildlife