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Meaning of ACUITY

Pronunciation:  u'kyooitee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a quick and penetrating intelligence; "he argued with great acuteness"; "I admired the keenness of his mind"
  2. [n]  sharpness of vision; the visual ability to resolve fine detail (usually measured by a Snellen chart)

ACUITY is a 6 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: acuteness, keenness, sharpness, sharp-sightedness, visual acuity
 See Also: intelligence, oxyopia, sight, steel trap, vision, visual modality, visual sense



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\A*cu"i*ty\, n. [LL. acuitas: cf. F. acuit['e].]
Sharpness or acuteness, as of a needle, wit, etc.

Biology Dictionary
 Definition: This is the clarity of hearing or sight. e.g. visual acuity
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acridity, acumen, acumination, acuteness, adroitness, agility, alertness, apperception, aptitude, aptness, astuteness, attention, attentiveness, braininess, brightness, brilliance, clear thinking, cleverness, cogency, dexterity, discernment, edge, esprit, farseeingness, farsightedness, flair, foresight, foresightedness, genius, giftedness, gifts, incisiveness, insight, keenness, keen-wittedness, longheadedness, longsightedness, mental alertness, mercurial mind, mucronation, native cleverness, nimble mind, nimbleness, nimble-wittedness, nous, penetration, perception, perceptiveness, percipience, perspicaciousness, perspicacity, perspicuity, perspicuousness, pointedness, prickliness, promptitude, promptness, providence, punctuality, quick parts, quick thinking, quick wit, quickness, quick-wittedness, readiness, ready wit, sagaciousness, sagacity, savvy, sensibility, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, sleeplessness, smartness, smarts, spinosity, sprightly wit, talent, thorniness, trenchancy, wakefulness