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Pronunciation:  ga'str√Ępudu

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  snails and slugs and their relatives

GASTROPODA is a 10 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: class Gasteropoda, class Gastropoda, Gasteropoda
 See Also: Akeridae, Amphineura, Ancylidae, Buccinidae, class, Cymatiidae, family Akeridae, family Ancylidae, family Buccinidae, family Cymatiidae, family Fissurellidae, family Haliotidae, family Limacidae, family Littorinidae, family Naticidae, family Neritidae, family Patellidae, family Strombidae, Fissurellidae, gastropod, Haliotidae, Limacidae, limpet, Littorinidae, Mollusca, Naticidae, Neritidae, Opisthobranchia, order Pectinibranchia, order Pulmonata, Patellidae, Pectinibranchia, phylum Mollusca, Pulmonata, Strombidae, subclass Amphineura, subclass Opisthobranchia, univalve



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Gas*trop"o*da\, n. pl., [NL., fr. Gr. ?, ?, stomach
+ -poda.] (Zo["o]l.)
One of the classes of Mollusca, of great extent. It includes
most of the marine spiral shells, and the land and
fresh-water snails. They generally creep by means of a flat,
muscular disk, or foot, on the ventral side of the body. The
head usually bears one or two pairs of tentacles. See
{Mollusca}. [Written also {Gasteropoda}.]

Note: The Gastropoda are divided into three subclasses; viz.:
      ({a}) The Streptoneura or Dioecia, including the
      Pectinibranchiata, Rhipidoglossa, Docoglossa, and
      Heteropoda. ({b}) The Euthyneura, including the
      Pulmonata and Opisthobranchia. ({c}) The Amphineura,
      including the Polyplacophora and Aplacophora.

Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A member of the largest class of phylum Mollusca. Characteristics generally include: a foot upon which the rest of the body (called the "visceral mass") sits, a well-developed head, a protective one-piece shell, and body "torsion" - where most of the visceral mass is twisted anticlockwise 180 degrees so that the back end of the animal is positioned over its head. The class includes the snails, slugs, sea hares, sea slugs, limpets, and abolone.

Compare brachiopod.